Companies That Sponsor Us

Diputación de Jaén.

Training programme for young musicians from the Province of Jaén (2018):

Bringing music to society.

This programme is subsidised by the Provincial Council of Jaén with 1294 €.

Espanav Audio.

A young company specializes in car audio and multimedia. Sale, installation and advice on all kinds of devices for vehicles. Competition brands with the best prices in the region.

Since 2006.

Icesur Musical.

This Company was born with a vocation to service the local community and it has become a reference in the province. ICESUR MUSICAL, following this policy, is run by professional musicians with magnificent training who provide the service and attention that the market demands.

Ayala Musica.

Musical instruments have been our speciality since 1976. We look forward to seeing you in our shop, which is located in Calle Hurtado, number 21 in Jaén or you can buy from our website. With the best suppliers, we offer the best quality and profesional service.

Musical Linares.

If we talk about music in Linares, we must talk about “Musical Linares”. Our experience, our professionalism, our customer service, our products and much more.

This is your place if you are a music lover.

Physiotherapy Montblanc.

Montblanc Sports Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Clinic is a health center that offers comprehensive treatment of the human body, seeking both a physical and physiological balance as well as a mental one. Directed by José Ariza Montblanc ICPFA 3291, graduate in Physiotherapy from the San Pablo CEU University of Valencia and in Osteopathy from the School of Osteopathy of Madrid, he has more than ten years’ experience that upholds his work. We treat our patients with the objective of not only solving the pathology detected, but also of irradicating its cause. We use the most modern techniques in sports physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Villar Viajes.

VIAJES VILLAR, since 2012, specializing in hotels on the coast, cruises, tours, honeymoon trips, group holidays, Disneyland and the Caribbean. We also offer city hotels, vacation packages, country hotels, tailor made trips, air tickets, ferry, train, etc. WE ALWAYS GUARANTEE THE BEST SERVICE AND THE BEST PRICE.

Elaia Zait

In recent years, the exceptional improvements in the cultivation of the olive tree, the collection of its fruit and the production of extra virgin olive oil has given rise to exceptional products, capable of exciting the senses. Olive oil, a gourmet product, now seeks that privileged place that was denied to it in our kitchens and at our tables. Therefore, we are convinced of the need to create this new world around liquid gold, developing new products and concepts based on ergonomics, functionality, innovation, design and modernity, with rigor and professionalism.

La Toja Group.

La Toja Group is a family business dedicated to restaurants and the catering trade. Since 1976, when it opened the doors of its restaurant “La Toja”, one of the most prestigious restaurants in La Carolina and the province of Jaén, the Company has diversified and specialized in other types of services, constituting the current La Toja Group, which includes various restaurants as well as catering services. Through our restaurants we offer a wide range of services and gastronomy to cover the possible needs of our clients. We currently have several restaurants in the province of Jaén, as well as our own factory where we make partridge paté, a unique product from this area.

MV Gestión.

MV Gestión is the first advisory-management company with high added value for SMEs. Our goal is to provide small and medium-sized Spanish companies with the services available to large companies at a low cost and generating multiple synergies that translate into savings. MV Gestión is integrated by a group of professionals with extensive executive experience in companies in the industrial, service and distribution sectors. Our commitment is to offer an agile, personalized service of the highest quality, generating value to our customers in the areas that require specialized support, through control and cost savings.

The members of the Provincial Choir and Orchestra of Jaen will receive discounts in all these shops and businesses just by presenting their COPJaen membership card.